When you enter Co-related Space, you are immediately surrounded by playful laser lines on the floor responding to your movement. A musical score also keyed to your movement reverberates through the spartan physical space. Kids and adults dance through the space, experimenting with ways their interactions affect the musical soundscape and laser light. Co-related Space transforms public space into a playground of sound and light.

Co-related Space is a digitally-enhanced environment that immerses participants in embodied space, highlighting the spatiality of participants, their behavior and their relationships with others within that space. Using motion tracking, laser light projection and a generative soundscape, it encourages interactions between participants, visually and sonically transforming a regularly trafficked space. Co-related Space highlights participants’ active engagement and experimentation with sound and light, including complex direct and indirect behavior and relationships.

Co-related Space is a collaboration between artists Lanier Sammons, Brent Townshend, and Wes Modes.