Wes Modes is an arts researcher and artist focused on technology and design based in Santa Cruz, CA. He is an MFA candidate at the University of California Santa Cruz Digital Art and New Media program. He has exhibited his sculpture regionally since 1996. Wes worked in the tech industry for 25 years as a software engineer, systems administrator, and systems architect. For more information, please visit

Lanier Sammons is a composer, guitarist, recordist, and educator based in Santa Cruz, CA.  As a composer, Lanier’s music often explores ideas like audience interactivity, improvisation, the intersection of popular and classical musics, and the pairing of electronic and acoustic sound.  Lanier holds a Ph.D. in Composition and Computer Technologies from the University of Virginia.  He currently serves as lecturer at California State University, Monterey Bay teaching courses on recording technology, composition, and a variety of other topics.  For more information, please visit

Brent Townshend is an artist and inventor based in Menlo Park, CA and Montréal, Quebec.  He has a diverse background combining Engineering, Computer Science, Art & Photography, and Biology.  Brent received his Doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, while studying photography as a side pursuit.  After doing research at AT&T Bell Laboratories, he started a sequence of high-tech companies focussed on signal processing — how to manipulate and process digital data to extract information or improve its visualization.  For more information, please visit